Wines & Cider


Available Wines


Rams Head Marquette 
                                    Red | 2017 Minnesota Cold Climate Grape                                             

856 Marquette
Red | 2018 Minnesota Cold Climate Grape

Mildred Red Merlot
Red | 2017 California Grape

Old Oliver Cabernet Sauvignon
Red | 2017 California

Sweet Harvest LaCresent
White | 2017 Minnesota/California Grape

Anchors Away Chardonnay
White | 2017 California Grape

Just the Tip – Apple Wine
White/Harralson Apple

Fly’in Low’ell Sauvignon Blanc
White/20018 Washington Grape


Dessert Wines

Route 26 Frontenac Dessert Wine
Red | 2017 Minnesota

Painter Creek’s Route 26 Frontenac is a nice table wine loved by many and known for its sweet flavors and distinct aroma of chocolate and raspberry.
This wine is best paired with after-dinner treats.


-21 Degree Cabernet Sauvignon Dessert Wine
Red | 2018 Washington

Painter Creek -21 dessert wine is a tasteful Cabernet featuring smooth, well balanced flavors, a chocolate aroma and taste with a hint of Vanilla and Black Cherry.



We have a variety of cider to choose from. Here is a sampling of what might be
available in our tasting room when you visit: 


Habanero – limited release*
Farm Cider with Habanero

Slap In Ur Yap – limited release*

Made English Style from Pizzaz Apples & Forbidden Fruit Yeast

Cidergria Cider

Made from a crisp blend of Pizzazz, Cortland, and Macintosh Apples along with Marquette Wine

Summer Hopps

Combination of Pizzazz, Cortland & Macintosh Apples and fermented with Hopps


*Limited quantity – catch ’em before they’re gone!

1919 Rootbeer